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Liberty and freedom are two proud words that have been executed from the political lexicon: they were frog marched and stood before a wall of blank minds, then forcibly blindfolded, and shot, with the whimpering staccato of ‘equality’ and ‘fairness’ resounding over and over. And not only did this atrocity go unreported by journalists in the mainstream media, they were in the firing squad.

The premise of this blog is simple: the Soviets thought they had equality, and welfare from cradle to grave, until the illusory free lunch of redistribution took its inevitable course, and cost them everything they had. First to go was their privacy, after that their freedom, then on being ground down to an equality of poverty only, for many of them their lives as they tried to escape a life behind the Iron Curtain. In the state-enforced common good, was found only slavery to the prison of each other's mind; instead of the caring state, they had imposed the surveillance state to keep them in line. So why are we accumulating a national debt to build the slave state again in the West? Where is the contrarian, uncomfortable literature to put the state experiment finally to rest?

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Retirement: Let Me Opt Out Please

The state just keeps getting bigger (which means meaner).

Tax rates will have to rise by almost a third if the retirement age is to stay at 65, a new report has warned.

Every percent increase in taxation in another nail in the coffin of my ability to live a free, satisfying life, pursuing my happiness.

After seventy years of the welfare state getting it wrong, catastrophically wrong both economically and morally, I have no faith whatsoever any government can provide better for my retirement than I can. Indeed, the statists have made such a botch of it, tax increases will be needed just to pay the interest on the debt Western governments still irresponsibly continue to rack up running the monsters they've legislated: forget the coming wave of retirees. So no tax increases visiting yet more police state on us all, let me opt out: I don't want any pension from the government, I am saving just fine for my old age: give me a tax cut and I'm happy to take my future welfare out of the hands of the bureaucrats, and will be much the better off for it, as will the country.

Chance of this happening?

None. Because we live in a tyranny, where choices on what matters in a life, have all been taken away from us. Government and the state have usurped the social contract.

No thought in this article of the freedom option: stop state pensions; it just jumps to the forgone conclusion of taxation increases. That ethic that made the West the best civilisation man has ever created, classical liberalism, is dead.


  1. Mark, have you considered moving offshore? I am arranging to do so early next year (later this year if I have to).

  2. Good on you, Richard. Complicated for me: family responsibilities ... For now, at least.